JL Concrete Design


                                                                                                              Since 2009

Our Repairs come with a Full 2 Year Warranty against delamination.  We provide a non-slip finish on all surfaces.

Restorations typically last about 5-6 years depending on weather*. 

Temperatures in our area can be extreme at times for both Winter & Summer months. Extreme temperatures can causes concrete surfaces to move which leads to cracking.    

Concrete Restoration of a Front Concrete Porch & Sidewalk in Park Ridge, IL 

We will not claim to be the best, but we are trained and knowledgeable at what we do and how we do it!

 Why choose JL Concrete Design:

We take great pride in all of work. 50% of our work is by word-of-mouth.
We listen to our customer's needs and wants; it's not just another concrete job or another customer. We value our business and take full pride in every single job we do.

We are BBB Accredited, what does this mean exactly....it means that we are a trust worthy accredited business that follows strict BBB standards. We pledge to advertise honestly, follow through on commitments and address any disputes in a good faith manner. We follow strict guidelines to ensure that every customer gets excellent service each and every time.
Being a small business allows us to be hands on, we are at every job working side-by-side along with our crew. Our work speaks for itself.

What makes us different than the rest.......